“Theft Recovery Made For You By Law Enforcement Officers”

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How Does It Work?

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Theft Recovery Technology

The biggest problem we see in our years in Law Enforcement is not finding stolen property but rather not being able to find the rightful owners.

It’s nearly impossible to find the property owner when serial numbers are missing or altered and your local agency did not take the initial theft report. We come across stolen property regularly but it usually ends with the property being held without ever locating its original owner.

Put it on your property

Protect Your Property

Each Chip.IT is programmed with your contact information and a unique serial number. Made of weatherproof, heat and cold resistant material using 3M brand adhesive.

Place the Chip.IT on your property anywhere a cell phone can scan it. Identify your property by scanning the Chip.IT with any NFC compatible cell phone without the need for any apps!

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No Apps Required

Using NFC Technology, simply place your phone near a Chip.IT. Your cell phone will detect the Chip.IT automatically and open the assigned record. Law Enforcement can use this technology to scan property they recover to find its original owner and prove ownership.

Place your Chip.IT on anything you own to add an extra layer of security. Each Chip.IT is approximately the size of a quarter. Nothing is too large or small for protecting.

power tools, lawnmowers, atvs, golf carts

Place On Anything

Chip.ITs can be scanned through plastic and a large amount of other materials. Hide and conceal your Chip.IT away from thieves and still be able to scan it! Place them under batteries, covers, underneath trailers and anywhere a cell phone can scan it.

Place your Chip.IT on all of your property including but not limited to; trailers, power tools, golf carts, atvs, electronics, lawn mowers, bicycles, toys and equipment.

power tools, lawnmowers, atvs, golf carts

Safeguard Your Valuables

With this technology, we as Law Enforcement can bridge the large gap between locating stolen property and getting it back to their owners. Place Chip.IT on your lawnmowers, bicycles, golf carts, power tools, ATVS, vehicles, trailers, electronics, boats or anything you want to protect now!

Still have questions? Contact us now at Contact@MyChipIT.com

golf cart, lawnmowers, atvs, golf carts

Protect It All

Own a business or company? Need additional information fields for your Chip.IT? Contact us so we can custom build you a database that fits all of your companies needs. Inventory control, company name, or if you need to add your own unique serial numbers to your Chip.ITs.

Discounts available for large orders and government agencies. Contact us to see what discounts are available to you!